Werk It exists to empower women and non-binary people in podcasting and make our industry a more equitable and inclusive space for creators and listeners alike. We need the most brilliant minds in the business to keep joining us on stage to share the insights and experiences that have made them great. Ready to do that? Pitch us a talk, presentation, panel discussion, workshop, 1:1 activity, or an organized networking opportunity that you can lead at Werk It 2019!

As you craft your pitch, have these guidelines in mind.

  • Surprise us! We only have two precious days together so we’re looking for fresh ideas and new ways of covering perennial favorites (e.g. making money! marketing!). Look at schedules from Werk It 2018 and Werk It 2017 to get a sense of the depth and breadth of what we cover, as well as what’s already been done on our stage and therefore needs a different angle and a new cast to make its comeback.

  • Cast creatively. We’re deeply invested in introducing our audience to podcasters they haven’t heard from before, and in asking more familiar voices to speak to topics they've never addressed in other spaces. Tell us why you’re the ideal person/people to do the thing you’re pitching.

  • Be thoughtful about format and duration. Tell us why the format and duration is ideal given the subject matter. On stage sessions can run anywhere from 15-90 minutes, while off stage activities might be ongoing (like tabling or a passive collaboration like an ideas board) or even happen off site (like a party). Consider whether audience participation is necessary, optional, or not desired. Remember that on stage sessions will be recorded and many will be released in the Werk It podcast feed. Some are also streamed and shared as video. Check out the Werk It podcast.

  • Make it relevant to the Werk It audience. Werk It attracts women and non-binary people in all stages of their podcasting careers, from 30+ states and 12+ countries, all looking to meet others in the field, be challenged and inspired, and walk away with new skills and ideas. Past attendees have been split evenly between freelancers, employees of commercial media, and employees of non-profit media. We serve them by running the gamut from philosophical to tactical, the creative side and the business aside, digging into the personal as well as the professional, and always asking that presenters show respect for difference and the diverse backgrounds of all our attendees.

As we read your pitch, we will ask, does this...

  • Spark curiosity and unexpected connections?

  • Speak truth, both as an invitation and as a provocation?

  • Amplify an underrepresented perspective?

  • Have an engaging and intentional choice of format?

  • Tackle timely industry subjects in an informative and engaging way?

  • Bring something new to the table that hasn’t been covered at past Werk Its?

Yeses lead to yeses...but we still have very limited time!

We are so honored to receive a high volume of high quality submissions each year. While we aren’t able to offer personalized feedback on each one, we will not ghost you. We will let you know our decision about your pitch by May 31. Even if we don’t select your pitch, we sincerely hope you will still consider attending because we’d love to get the chance to meet you!

Deadline for pitches: April 30, 2019