Werk It Festival Scholarship Application Criteria

Werk It is for women+ in all stages of their careers currently working in or hoping to break into audio and digital media. The cost of attending professional conferences can be a substantial barrier to entry, so each year we offer a limited number of scholarships to students, freelancers, and nonprofit employees who would otherwise be unable to attend. Scholarships will cover the cost of conference attendance. Recipients will be responsible for all travel expenses (including food and lodging) and for tickets to other festival events.

Scholarships are awarded based on the merit of individual applications and cannot be transferred. Applications are considered individually, so if your co-host or partner would also like to be considered for a scholarship they must submit their own application.

Successful scholarship applications must meet the criteria across all of the following areas:

Core Mission: The Werk It Festival was established to support early- and mid-career women+ in the field of audio.

Financial need/Employment status: The scholarship fund was specifically designed to support students, freelancers, and nonprofit employees. Consideration will also be given to those applicants who demonstrate the need for assistance in the narrative portion of the application.

Diversity: Werk It aims to support and elevate diverse voices in podcasting. Our hope is that the scholarships will create a cohort of attendees that are as professionally and geographically diverse as possible. Priority for scholarships is given to first time Werk It attendees and applicants whose perspectives are currently underrepresented in podcasting.

Narrative: A successful scholarship application will have a clear statement of purpose that demonstrates how attending Werk It will offer both career development and training as well as community impact.

Deadline for scholarship applications: July 15th, 2019

Scholarships are made possible with support from Spotify.